Online appointment application for beauty salons

Scheduling an appointment to a beauty salon is still done by calling it. Why not doing it from a website, and seeing the slots available but also receive the notification when you are about to miss your appointment.

So we’ve built A custom online custom application where you can create a webpage for your beauty salon.

As a beauty salon, you would list your employee, services with prices and calendar.

As a user you would have access to your appointments and change your setting when to be notified about your appointments.

As a business owner, you would have access of course to edit your company details, your employee and services assigned to each employee.

This is how the management of the new appointments would look from an admin interface. You could change the status of the appointments and send messages or notifications.

This is how the calendar with appointments would look

When you would open you account you could see the notifications with the new appointments

Edit your services is simple and easy to use.

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